You have to kiss a lot of frogs…

I’m taking a vacation from Drew and all his abstract problems. Tomorrow night is my first Craigslist date.

I will save the trouble of describing the butterflies in my stomach, the waves of nausea that pass over me, the paranoia and the worry that collect in my brain, breeding wildly.

It took one message to pique my interest so.

Hey everybody, where did Jolie go?
Where did Jolie go?
And where’s my only cigarette?
Please think for me, I can’t bare to.
I’ll just lie here for a while
Wet myself, wet my bed…
I’ve readied it all for her, you know
Clean sheets, incense, a lots of fluffy pillows
Now soiled.
And where’s my cigarette?
Did you check the bathroom, the bathtub?
She sleeps there sometimes;

Water cleanses, you know
Washes dirt away, makes new
Maybe she,

maybe she,

maybe she,


maybe she swam away…

I know, I know, they are Stone Temple Pilots lyrics. But they work.
And how did he know I sleep in the bathtub sometimes?


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